EgyptAir Flight 181 Highjacked. Highjacking Not an Act of Terrorism

March 29, 2016


EgyptAir Flight 181 originating in Alexandria en route to Cairo was forced to make an emergency landing at Larnaca International Airport in Cyrpus.  This incident began when Seif El Din Mustafa an Egyptian National announced he was wearing a suicide belt and wanted the pilot to divert the plane, to a currently unconfirmed destination. due to he wanted to speak with his ex-wife and see his children.

Seif El Din Mustafa did NOT attempt to breech the cockpit door or enter the cockpit. 


Currently 81 of the passengers have been allowed to safely leave the plane.  There are still 7 being held on board.  Of those being held, 3 are passengers along with 4 crew members.  Negotiations are ongoing with hopes that all passengers are able to leave the plane without incident.




The Seif El Din Mustafa has been taken into custody.  The remaining hostages on board were released without injury. 










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