Egyptian Airplane Vanishes From Radar

EgyptAir Airbus Flight Number MS804 has vanished not only from radar but the air as well.


THE FACTS SO FAR.  Which will be updated as more information becomes available.


EgyptAir Flight departed Paris, de Gaulle Airport with 66 people on board, at approximately 11:09 Central European Time Zone or (CETZ).


The flight vanishes from radar at approximately 3:45 Cairo time.  The flight was within Egyptian Airspace at the time when all contact was suddenly lost.


The flight was last seen over 4 hours ago at about 37,000 feet.


There was not any type of  distress call or bad weather in the area at the time disappeared from radar.


There was nothing on board that required special cargo holding or did not pass regulation restrictions.


There had not been any special requests to the airline or the captain of EgyptAir Flight MS804 regarding dangerous goods on board the flight.


Currently a rescue plane has arrived at the coordinates where the aircraft had lost contact.


Special Teams from the Egyptian Armed Forces are at the site setting up search and rescue efforts.


Families, with members on board this flight have been asked to call from any Egyptian Land Line

080077770000 or 1+202 25989320 from any mobile phone or from outside Egypt.


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