Wreckage from EgyptAir Flight MS804 Has Been Found



Amid speculations and conjecture into what caused EgyptAir Flight MS804 to disappear suddenly from radar last night, the search continues in the Mediterranean Sea to find what, if anything, is left of the flight.  Every possibility is being considered and nothing including terrorism is being ruled out at this point.

The last contact made with the A-320 Airbus was made over the Island of Kea, just before the flight entered  Cairo. According to Athens Greek Defense Minister, “The airbus swerved 90 degrees to the Right and then quickly back to the Left before falling from 37,000 feet and vanishing from radar”.  According to various sources at EgyptAir, who spoke anonymously: “The event that brought last night’s flight down took place just 10 miles in Egyptian airspace and approximately 10 minutes prior to landing.” 

As neither the plane’s quality of maintenance nor the quality of structure are in question, it does appear that terrorism may have played a part in this flight’s disappearance.  However, without contact of any kind from the flight’s Captain after the Island of Kea, there are two (2) last ditch, yet more and more unlikely possibilities of what happened on board the flight.
    1:  Human Intervention or something happened on the flight deck that required the entire crew’s immediate attention.
    2:  Unexpected weather conditions.  However, as reported last night, there were no weather issues in the area at the time of the airplane's disappearance from radar and site. 


The passenger’s nationalities that were on board flight MS804 were:


Sources for this article: Sky News, online and various Egyptian Airline sources



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