Joaquin Guzman "El-Chapo" Captured Again! Will The Third Time Be The Charm?

January 14, 2016


BREAKING! According to AFP (Agence France-Presse) Worldwide News Agency. Mexico formally start El Chapo US extradition process.


When Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzmán in an elaborate scheme involving bribery, death threats, construction of a mile long tunnel, motorcycles and private jets, had for a second time escaped from a Mexican prison, the latest of which being Mexico's Maximum Security Prison, "Altiplano Prison". Two very different scenarios began taking shape and while unbeknownst to both the Mexican Government and Guzmán each would ultimately lead to the destruction of Joaquin Guzmán's billion dollar participation in Sinaloa's drug cartel. 

While the Mexican Government, began another exhaustive investigation into El Chapo's billion dollar drug world, unaware that at the same time Joaquin Guzmán had begun shopping for contacts with Hollywood's producers and actors and actresses about starring in a biopic based on his life.
During a recent news conference, Mexican Attorney General Arely Gómez González, explains how the Mexican Government within a few weeks of investigation, had an understanding of Guzmán’s properties, vehicles which also included boats and planes. 
By last October, Guzmán' was over joyed by the fact he had landed the interest of a Mexican actress which in turn had gained at least one Hollywood producer's attention. What he wasn't aware of was the Mexican Government was quickly closing in and had tracked him to a ranch house in the town of Pueblo Nuevo in the western state of Durango. As the Mexican police and military moved in to apprehend the drug lord everything suddenly went sideways. During the ensuing mayhem, Guzmán, along with two women and a young girl were able to escape the ranch house where they had been hiding. Yet, during the escape Guzmán fell and injured leg. Soldiers circling the scene in a helicopter didn’t fire at the fugitive and risk killing those who were with him
By late December, authorities quietly tracked Guzmán to the coast and turned their focus on a white concrete house in an upscale neighborhood of Los Mochis, ( city in northern Sinaloa). On Friday morning, commandos from an elite Mexican marine unit raided his house, setting off a gun battle lasting over an hour and leaving 5 people dead. Using the gun battle as a diversion, Guzmán using one of his signature moves; fleeing through the sewer system. Once again averting capture, popping up through a nearby manhole cover and stealing a car. However, his latest attempt at freedom was short-lived as the Mexican authorities pursued him to a motel about five miles north on Highway 15 that passes through Los Mochis.


Now that Joaquin El Chapo Guzmán is once again in Mexican custody at Altiplano Prison. Security is at its highest level from helicopters constantly circle the prison and only the highest in security maintain minimum contact with Guuzmán. Currently the U.S. Government is attempting to work out an extradition agreement with the Mexican Government. If this were to happen, Colorado's Supermax Prison will likely be Joaquin Guzmán's final home.

Photos Courtesy: Google and Reuters,, (various) 

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