ISIS "Land of Caliphate" Map Discovered in Mosul

October 21, 2016


Mosul residents claim to have discovered a map depicting current and future ISIS Wilayat (States)



Nineveh – The residents of Mosul discovered what was one of the main headquarters of ISIS in Mosul, The ‘Land of Caliphate’ Map according to Al Sumaria.


Residents of Mosul sneaked into one of ISIS security headquarters that was evacuated by the group earlier due to the intense air strikes.  The residents discovered a large map on a wall inside the archive room titled "The Land of Caliphate Map.”


The map marked with black and blue markers.  The black marks indicating to the ISIS Wilayat (states) in Iraq and Syria, and the blue marks were designating States, soon announced.  Included on the map were Sixteen City/States in Arab and Islamic countries."

In addition to Egypt and the Maghreb areas, the majority of ISIS Wilayat on the map are located within the Gulf Region Countries. Al Sumaria expected that ISIS would have, if time had allowed, announce its Wilayats before the full liberation of Mosul.  Feeling this would raise the morale of its supporters around the world.



Iraqi news and Al Sumaria provided information for this article

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