October 30, 2016



Nobody knows his name, nor where he is from, but one thing is for sure, ISIS terrorists are said to be living in fear because of him.  This unknown marksman who is quickly becoming known as the "Sniper of Mosul." Is doing what others until now have not or would not do.  He is making it his mission to kill as many ISIS terrorists as possible without seeking praise. Even if he does it one terrorist at a time, his methods work. Just last week, in broad daylight, he took out another ISIS executioner with one shot just seconds before he was about to execute an Iraqi teenager in the ISIS occupied the city of Mosul.


This mysterious sniper is believed to be behind shootings in four separate areas in the sprawling city of Northern Iraq.  Although there are some who are of the belief this mysterious person could be receiving help from other sharpshooters, his precision, techniques, and undetected movements, make this scenario highly unlikely.


For any one person to be able in broad daylight, to come out of nowhere and execute a kill in one single shot takes much more than luck it takes lots of skill. Top that with the tactics used in the sniper's latest attack that sent frightened ISIS terrorists into a panic, running around frantically, spraying the air with open fire as they sought to find cover.


Even though there have been reports from various sources claiming; that there could, in fact, be "many snipers," and that this is not just the work of one.  That theory is becoming less plausible each time this sniper executes a kill.  It does not matter, who is behind the sniper-style killings of ISIS terrorist.  He or they have the mindset to complete his/their mission, and never look back.  This sniper is getting so good that he has bravely taken out ISIS fighters blatantly during broad daylight all around Mosul and now has ISIS leaders looking over their shoulders.


While no one may ever know the sniper's true identity and he may not receive awards or accolades, which is probably for the best.  He is carrying out a mission against impossible odds and winning.  What more is needed? 



photo: Google search engine 


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