AFRICA'S TRANSITION As Terrorism Continues To Rise

February 5, 2019













Original post (Jan 2017, updated periodically)


As with every other radical terrorist faction, Boko Haram, realigns their allegiance, relocates and can regroup in a matter of hours or days.  They adapt, blend in, and in the end, wreak chaos and leave destruction everywhere they go.  Which is why a newly released video from Abubakar Shekau, whom the Nigerian Government declared dead last Summer.  Then again during the recent month-long siege to retake their stronghold of Sambisa Forest in Borno State Nigeria is more than enlightening.  His video provides assurance to the sect's jihadi followers, proving he has so far been untouchable and serves as a call to arms for followers. 


Sources reveal that after Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari's victory speech, claiming victory for the eradication and deaths of numerous Boko Haram insurgents.  When in fact, many of the extremists had already resettled in nearby states.  Including to the dismay of many living in surrounding areas, the insurgents now call Lagos home.


While there is little argument the Nigerian Army was able to capture and retake the rebel's Sambisa Forest stronghold.  It is what happened before, during, and after these events where many disagree.  The Army claims to have rounded up and arrested most of the rebels while the rest surrendered.  Reports are now emerging from nearby states that an unknown number of rebels were able to escape the army's onslaught and fled the area branching out in all directions.  What's more disturbing, is how the rebels could escape.


In the past weeks, numerous top government officials across Nigeria have been detained and interrogated,with some now facing indictments charges for aiding and abetting the terrorists.  In fact, catching those who are supporting Boko Haram is proving easier than eradicating the terrorist sect itself. 


Just last week when citizens in the Ibadan metropolis of Alalubosa GRA alerted local security forces after they became nervous by the recent presence of a stranger whose sudden and dubious appearance from out of nowhere.  As one resident explains, "In any small community, when a new person arrives, they stand out and the locals become suspiciously curious."  Per statements taken from others in the area, a stranger walked right into their neighborhood like he belonged there.  Residents thought they were helping by alerting local officials, who immediately detained the stranger to calm rising tensions.  Once in custody, the man identified by authorities as a terrorist underwent interrogation. 


What the local residents did not realize, was they had in fact, helped the terrorist achieve his intended goal.  To escape the authorities from Sambisa, who were already tracking him.  After his release in Ibadan, it was only a short time until he was once again arrested by authorities.  This time by the Iyaganku Division of the Oyo State Police Command.  During their interrogation, the man admitted his name is Alkali. 


Upon further interrogation, Alkali confessed to being not only a Commander in Boko Haram but also a chief bomb-maker who had fled Sambisa Forest.  He went on to tell authorities that many others were already strategically relocated to the Lagos and Ibadan, Oyo State.  The very same areas within Nigeria that he had originally escaped from earlier, while in custody, and being interrogated.


Boko Haram relocating in Lagos is not the only headache for the Nigerian Government either.  The Niger Delta Militants, (NDV) have already staked their claim in Lagos.  Which directly conflicts with the local public relations officers report.  Lago's Government forces openly admit the government is aware that the NDV, known mostly for kidnapping, uses their waterways and their specific strategies to combat any potential problems on land but authorities have the situation under control and are constantly aware of NDV movements.   


Local activity proves just the opposite as Niger Delta Militants have announced their intent to restart hostilities. Other officials are not afraid to speak out and in fact condemn the criminal elements from other neighboring countries that are also now staking their claims in Eti-Osa and Lagos State.


Shekau's video in recent days serves as not only a scary prophecy for those who live in Africa but reveals a likely reality; a scenario already seen in Iraq and Syria.  These factions are already using pages from ISIS's playbook, scatter out when under attack, then circle back.  At, this point with the Niger Delta Militants and Al-Shabaab in Somalia. Boko Haram in Nigeria, Chad, as well as Cameroon and now Lagos, and Ansar Dine in Mali.


What will happen when all join forces under ISIS already operating openly in Libya?  Who or what will be able to protect the numerous innocent lives in Africa?


Which begs the question:  If state and government reports are correct, that Boko Haram insurgents, Niger Delta militants, nor any other radical jihadists are not making Lagos their new home.  How did a reportedly captured terrorist for Boko Haram walk freely from Sambisa Forest in the Borno State to Ibadan? 




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