Was Kim Jong-Nam Assassination Sanctioned By Brother Kim Jong-Un?

February 14, 2017

Kim Jong-nam, oldest son of the late Kim Jong-Il and Song Hye-rim, and the oldest brother to North Korea's current leader Kim Jong-un was allegedly assassinated by two women believed to be North Korean Spies Monday at Kuala Lumpur's, Airport in Malaysia.  


Numerous reports including sources from inside the South Korean Government and South Korean television have issued statements, confirming that an incident had taken place Monday, at Kuala Lumpur's Airport in which Kim Jong-nam, was assassinated by needles filled with poison.  Authorities are currently looking for the two women believed to have carried out the assassination.



South Korean Acting President Hwang Kyo-ahn along with the National Security Council (NSC), have been informed of Nam's alleged assassination.  However, South Korea’s Blue House was unable to immediately give comment on the issue when contacted.


Kim Jong-nam born May 10, 1971, in Pyongyang, was for a decade, seen as the likely successor to the DPRK’s hereditary political system.  Until he fell out of favor with his father in 2001, after a widely publicized incident.  One in which he and his family tried to enter Japan using fake passports, allegedly so they could visit Tokyo's Disneyland.  After the 2001, father-son fallout, Kim Jong-Il wasted little time to begin grooming Kim Jong-un to take his older brother's place, as the future leader of North Korea. 


Nam, living in semi-exile in China was seen as an outspoken critic of his family’s rule. More than once he predicted his expectations that his brother would “fail” as North Korea's Leader, and called for economic reforms in his home country. Calling the dynastic succession “a joke to the outside world”  and predicting that North Korea's political system would fail within a short time.  Apparently, Nam's son, Kim Han-sol in a 2012 interview expressed his concerns and regret about North Korea’s human rights and called for the reunification of the Peninsula.


It is also now obvious that North Korea has been monitoring Kim Jong-nam's movements as well as those of his family.  Recent reports have placed him traveling to both Singapore and Malaysia.


If Kim Jong-nam was assassinated, this is the most distinguishable execution of one of the North Korea's ruling family members since the death of Jang Song-thaek in 2013.


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