Proof North Korea Violates U.N. Sanctions

February 28, 2017


More fallout for North Korea from the Feb.13 assassination of Kim Jong-nam at Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur's Airport.


Malaysian authorities said they are aware of two front companies allegedly operated by North Korea that is clandestinely dealing in arms. The Malaysian police vowed to crack down and stated that they are closely monitoring the activities of the firms.


Khalid Abu Baker, the inspector general of police, confirmed the identities of the two companies — International Global System Sdn Bhd and International Global Services Sdn Bhd. 


The police chief said in a statement: "The RMP is continuously monitoring and taking preemptive measures to ensure that Malaysia is not being used to carry out any activities that would be detrimental to national security. We have also taken all necessary actions to comply with international regulations with regards to related sanctions."


One company registered in 2005, the other one filed its registration in 2012, stating multimedia, electronics, and general trading as its nature of business. "Both companies are in the process of being struck-off," added the police chief.

An earlier report that the military equipment firm "Glocom," had set up its offices in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, allowing North Korean intelligence operatives to trade arms covertly in violation of UN regulations as the isolated country is under heavy international sanctions.


The reports about the two dubious firms emerged against the backdrop of the high-profile killing of Kim Jong-nam, the estranged half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.


International Business Times

Photo via Reuters

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