Kim Jong Nam Assassination

February 20, 2017


A week after the assassination of Kim Jong Nam, theories continue to fly, but verifiable evidence is in short supply.  Including the news release that shortly after Kim Jong Nam's assassination, four suspects fled the country.  


Malaysia has returned seven people they detained, to North Korea for further questioning.  However, It is the latest information concerning the assassination of Kim Jong Nam, and what North Korea wants now, that has many raising their eyebrows.


The Malaysian Embassy are trying to track down staffer, Hyon Kwang Song, and Air Koryo employee Kim Uk ll, both are being sought for questioning to assist in the investigation. This announcement came during a recent press conference.  That followed quickly upon a previous news conference in which the Malaysian Government has numerous concerns and have requested answers as to why Kim Jong Nam was traveling on a passport well known by those who sought to do him harm? Along with the questions, regarding the chemicals and the strengths used to assassinate Kim Jong Un's estranged older brother Kim Jong Nam so quickly.


Even as the Malaysian government continues to work with the North Korean Government to quickly turn over all information and persons who are being sought for questioning or thought to be directly involved in the assassination.  North Korea's main request, that the body of Kim Jong Nam be released from Malaysian custody cannot  be met at this time.  The Malaysian Government remains steadfast in their refusal regarding the immediate return of the elder Kim's body.  As far as the Malaysian Government is concerned, until such time, that there can be an accurate determination made regarding what poisons and strength were used to kill Kim Jong Nam, the government has no intentions to release the body.


As a precaution against the ever unpredictable behavior of Kim Jong Un, Malaysia has recalled their envoy to North Korea.envoy to North Korea, now that a stalemate has begun between the two countries. over the returning Kim Jong Nam's body.  Malaysia has recalled their envoy to North Korea.

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