Buckingham Palace Mid of Night Call

May 4, 2017

Tonight the Queen of England in an unusual move called the entire Buckingham Palace Staff in for an emergency meeting at 3:00 a.m. BST.

The news sparked rumors earlier of both the passing of the Duke of Edinburg
, Prince Philip who is 95 years of age. Alternatively, rumors swirled that Queen Elizabeth who is 91 years of age has decided to abdicate the throne. This is unlikely as she has claimed that position will be hers until she does pass away.

While there are those within the walls of Buckingham Palace, who are aware by now of what sparked this meeting, at this time there has been no official confirmation of what has happened.  The staff will be addressed by Lord Chamberlain, the most Senior Officer of the Royal household and Queen Elizabeth's private secretary Sir Christopher Geidt.

After that time, Royal protocol dictates there will be an official announcement made, and it will come from the Palace at 8:00 am British Standard Time.


Confirmed updated information will be posted with this article as it become available.


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