North Korea's Path To Self Destruction

July 4, 2017

Is there a chance that the North Korean Government will ever realize that their country's continued impulsive and provocative behaviors are in direct correlation to what is leading the Hermit Nation in the direction of being ostracized by the few nations left who currently support them?


Only hours after China's ambassador to the United Nations, Liu Jieyi, while in New York warned on Monday, that tensions with North Korea could get out of control and lead to disastrous consequences unless negotiations reopen as early as possible.  Yet, before his message has a chance to resonate, North Korea launches another missile. While it is the first provocative act since last week's summit between the United States President Donald Trump and South Korea's President Moon Jae-in, it is the DPRK's sixth launch since May.


Tuesday at approximately at 9:30 a.m. Pyongyang Time,

North Korea launched another missile, according to South Korea's

Military.  North Korea's latest missile launch was from the Banghyeon, North Pyongan Province. The missile, a possible intermediate range ballistic missile, (IRBM), flew approximately 500 - 800 kilometers according to Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff before crashing into the water near Japan's exclusive economic zone.


South Korea's President Moon Jae-in, immediately notified of the launch, instructed his staff to convene the National Security Council at 11:30 a.m. The meeting is expected to check the country's defense readiness against additional provocations after what is now the sixth missile launch of its kind since Moon took office in early May.


Last week's South Korea - United States summit focused on ways in which both nations agreed to further strengthen their deterrence against the DPRK's WMD and missile programs. At the end of last week's talks the two leaders,emphasized that the United States and South Korea do not maintain a hostile policy toward North Korea and, along with the rest of the international community, stand ready to offer a brighter future for North Korea if it chooses the right path.


Apparently, North Korea has yet to realize, that while many nations within the global community are willing to work with their regime, not one of these countries is prepared to bend to North Korea's will.


Photo courtesy of Yonhap Chinese envoy warns of 'disastrous' consequences unless ...


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