Seoul Promises to Prevent War on Korean Peninsula

August 15, 2017


South Korean President Moon Jae-in making the annual speech to commemorate Gwangbokjeol, (The Day The Light Returned), better known to Americans as the 72nd Anniversary of the Nation's Liberation from Japanese Rule that began in 1910 and ended after the Korean Peninsula was liberated by the Allies in 1945.


Spoke with a new but dangerous determination, Moon's claims included:

That there will not be any military action on the Korean Peninsula without Seoul's consent. While the South Korean Government is putting everything on the line to block a war by all means, stating sanctions against Pyonyang, are intended only to lead the nation to negotiations.


Moon, a prior International Human Rights Lawyer, could in fact be making the situation worse by using the language he did today.  There is little doubt of Moon's dislike for confrontation but when it comes to the Hermit Kingdom, Moon's advesary Kim Jong-un wants nothing less than a surrender from the South Korean Government so that the Korean Peninsula is once again unified but under the North's control.  While Moon's words seem admirable, words like his have been interpeted by the North as a weakness.   


Traditionally previous South Korean Presidents, direct the core of  their

Nation's Liberation Day speeches on North Korea.  Moon, did the same today, all the while urging the North Korean Government to come to the dialogue table, "I call upon the North Korean government: Without international cooperation and coexistence, economic development is impossible. If you continue on this path there will only be international isolation and a dark future." Moon concluded.


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