The Next Ten Days On The Korean Peninsula

August 21, 2017


Prior to the announcement of the 2017, Ulchi Freedom Guardian Military Exercises, many have questioned why does the U.S. continue to maintain a presence in the Asian Pacific Region? Can the THAAD System

Aegis Ashore System and, Aegis Defense Systems protect South Korea, Japan, and Guam from the ever growing North Korean threats?


What are the military options left if these systems for one reason or another fail, or an North Korean ICBM just gets lucky?  Finally,with everything that is being offered to protect the region will it be enough? Only if South Korea accepts and uses the help being offered.


North Korea's barking began about a week ago and is reaching ear piercing levels in the hours leading up to the start of The United States and South Korea's, "Ulchi Freedom Guardian 2017", Military Exercise. This military exercise is an annual event which will focus on enhanced readiness, the best way to defend and maintain stability not only for the ROK but the entire region.


Many believe the only way to deal with North Korea at this point is through the use of nuclear weapons. While North Korean actions this year have taken on a new level of aggression mixed with a deliberate international flare of defiance that needs dealing with now, the United States Military and our allies have numerous capabilities to stop North Korea without ever launching a nuke.


To be fair though, if one can read through Kim Jong-Un's propaganda filled 2017 New Year's speech, he did give the world fair warning of what his country has been up to and touted some of the country's accomplishments in recent years, while few were paying attention.


And while many experts suspected what the reclusive nation was doing their theories were hard to prove due to North Korea's "cone of silence."  The one factor few couldn't anticipate was just how unpredictable and impulsive Kim Jong-un has become over the past year.  Which he has demonstrated time again in just in this year alone, from North Korea's brazen international violation by using VX nerve agent in the February Kim Jong-Nam Assassination.Through Pyongyang's two ICBM tests in July.


On the flip side, this week's computer-simulated exercises which will include U.S. service members a fact that alone, that will undoubtedly once again anger the North Korean regime. Giving the DPRK, at least from Pyongyang's viewpoint,a fresh new reason for another round of threats and internationally restricted missile launches


While it is highly unlikely that North Korea would do anything more,

we might even be surprised and see Kim Jong-un continue his "strategic wait and see policy."  Or these military exercises may prove nothing to North Korea's loose cannon, and that's okay too. As his blindsided hatred for the United States leaves a massive underestimation of the true potential threats posed by the US and ROK Forces along with the other forces participating in the military exercise. Which are to include the UN Command Forces from Australia, Canada, Columbia, Denmark, New Zealand, the Netherlands and the U.K.  And just for added measure, there will be observers from the Neutral Nations Commission who will monitor the exercises to ensure that everything done will comply with 1953's Armistice Agreement.


By August 31, 2017, and the end of this year's Ulchi Freedom Guardian 2017, Military Exercise one thing Kim Jong-Un can bank on.  If he does manage to pull off a successful ICBM test angering every country including China, there is no version where he will come out on top.   And if by chance he can pull off whatever his grand master plan is, if he goes too far, one country may not be able to stop him, but countries will act as one against him and North Korea to vindicate any who are lost due to his careless behavior.




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