Kim Jong Nam Murder Trial - Deferred

October 9, 2017




In a move that is not unusual for Malaysian criminal cases, the judge announced earlier this morning that the courtroom was being temporarily relocated to a high-security laboratory.  The move was 

done to view evidence contaminated with VX nerve agent and hear more testimony from chemist Raja Subramaniam.  


Siti Aisyah, along with her attorney Selvi Sandrasegaram, Doan Thi Huong, and two police officers sat in a small enclosed room while

expert chemist Raja Subramaniam testified through the morning phase. The judge, prosecutors, and other defense lawyers for the two women listened from an attached room that was separated by glass. 

The trial was due to resume after a lunch break at the court building as the defense lawyers planned to cross-examine the government chemist who has previously testified as to the VX nerve agent being on the lady's clothing. However, the judge has deferred the rest of today's proceedings after Raja said he was exhausted. 


Raja Subramaniam spent much of last week testifying that VX nerve agent was found on both women’s clothing as well as fingernail clipping that had been taken from Huong’s.

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