New U.S. - India Alliance To Counter China

October 19, 2017



While President Xi Jinping spent hours Wednesday, touting a new era had begun and that it was time once again for China to be in the spotlight of the world's stage. A newly formed alliance between the U.S. and India, to counteract China, had already taken place. 


If the reasons given in which the U.S prefers working with India over China didn't get President Xi's attention. Maybe Secretary Tillerson's calling out of China's "undermining the rules-based international order," along with protecting the growing ties between India and the U.S. did.


It appears the Trump Administration and New Delhi are ready to promote a "free and open" Indo-Pacific region led by prosperous democracies.  Which will once again test the tolerance levels of the Chinese Government and at the same time put China smack in the middle of the new alliance.  


Will this new alliance put India in a better position than it is currently in?  Or is this new partnership also to ensure that the United States finally has what it has hoped to for?  A new, long lasting strategic partnership.  One that will work together to counter China and keep the country's ever growing presence in the region in check?Including the extensive military changes that have occurred within the People's Liberation Army, during the first five years of President Xi Jinping's control.


Secretary Tillerson's announcement, was made a week ahead of his planned visit to the region and a month before President Trump's scheduled Asian trip.  During which the U.S. President has announced his intentions to visit numerous Asian countries, including China.


Secretary Tillerson's sharp comments were delivered on the same day, and directly coincided with China's President Xi Jinping opening for China's 19th Communist Party Congress. 





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