Russian Plane Rains Down Gold en route to Krasnoyarsk

March 16, 2018






Russian headaches just keep coming these days, and Thursday was no exception.  Especially, for those responsible for securing cargo aboard an Antonov Russian cargo plane that ran into trouble shortly after takeoff from Yakutsk in Siberia.


The aircraft laden with at least nine tonnes of gold bars, silver, diamonds, and platinum originally from the Kupol Mine, was en route to Krasnoyarsk when it ended up scattering part of its cargo over a sixteen-mile stretch.


According to various reports, the Nimbus Airplane was gaining altitude, after takeoff, when the cargo shifted after being incorrectly fixed, causing a hatch door to break off scattering one hundred and seventy-two gold bars weighing 3.4 tonnes on the ground below.


There were no injuries reported from either the incident or the plane's successful emergency landing nearby in Magan.  And the situation is now under investigation by Russia's Investigative Committee.  


Even though there are some that still hope or suspect that some of the loot may still be missing, are likely to be disappointed, according to the local interior ministry, all of the cargo that fell from the aircraft has been found.



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